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Dispute Committee

The Dispute Committee (DC) is the judicial arm of the Camp Meeting. Its job is to resolve disputes between members of the Camp Meeting, enforce the Camp Rules, decide guilt or innocence, and assign sentences to those found guilty.

Zach B. & Robby G.:  A case in the making?Who is on the DC? Two campers elected by the Camp Meeting for a two week term, several other campers who are chosen by lot to serve on a given day, and one staff member. Each member of the DC has one vote, and decisions are made by vote of the members.

How does a case get before the DC? If a camper or staff member does not like something that happens, he or she can write up the person who did it. The complaint is put on a form which lists the complainant, the person accused, the witnesses, and what happened. The complaint forms are put in the DC folder, and the next time the DC meets (or as soon as they can get to it) the DC will investigate and act on the complaint.

Who can write someone up? Any member of the Camp Meeting, that is any camper or any member of staff, can write up anyone who is subject to the Camp Meeting RuleBook.

Who can be written up? Any member of the Camp Meeting can be written up. That means anyone, including the adults and staff can be written up. Also, anyone who comes to the campus as a guest, visitor, or as an instructor can be written up and must agree to abide by the decisions of the DC and Camp Meeting.

What can the DC do to someone who is found guilty? The DC is very powerful. It can do anything from restricting someone from using a campus facility or having contact with another camper, to expelling someone from the Camp for the rest of the Session.

What if the DC is wrong when it makes a decision? Any decision of the DC can be appealed to the Camp Meeting. This is done by filling in an appeal form and filing it with the DC Clerk on the day of the decision. At the next Camp Meeting, the complainant and the defendant can present their cases and their arguments and the Camp Meeting will vote on the questions presented.

How do you know what the DC will do? The DC has to obey the Camp Meeting RuleBook. If the RuleBook does not say that a thing is a violation, then the DC cannot do anything. The Camp Meeting would have to make a new law.

What is the DC for? The DC is the way that children can discipline other children and the members of the Staff. It makes sure that the rules of the Camp Meeting are obeyed. It makes sure that no one can pick on others or bully them. It lets a 6-year-old stand up to a 16-year-old and win. Without the DC, campers would be at the mercy of Staff. That would not be freedom. Other campers have to agree that a person is guilty, before he can be sentenced.

The Dispute Committee is how campers work together to protect their rights and exercise their power as free and equal members of the Camp Meeting.  The DC makes campers and staff equal and free.




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