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Camp Meeting RuleBook

The Camp Meeting RuleBook is the list of rules and laws passed by the Camp Meeting to govern a Session of Summer Revels.

Each session begins with a modified version of The New School LawBook, prepared by the Camp Corporation as a starting point for Summer Revels.  Under the Summer Camp Law, the Camp Meeting is free to change any rule in the RuleBook (except that the Camp Meeting cannot endanger The New School or make any changes to the LawBook or Campus that will last beyond Summer Revels).

The RuleBook provides the basis for actions before the Dispute Committee.  

The RuleBook is were the campers make the rules.  It is how the Camp Meeting governs itself during Summer Revels.

The RuleBook is the rules.  But you get to make and change them so that they serve your needs and make Summer Revels the most fun it can be. 

Kids rule Summer Revels!




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