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People begin to arrive at about 8:00 AM.

When you arrive at campus, sign in and check the notices on the doors and on the Camp Meeting bulletin board. The calendar for scheduled events will be posted. So will the list of DC Members, parties, and witnesses who are needed for DC. If you are needed for DC, you will have to adjust your plans for the day, or ask to be excused, if you are going on a field trip for the day.

Robby G.At 8:30 AM, the Morning Meeting convenes for people who want to gather and take a look at the day. Announcements will be made about events that are scheduled for the day, and up-coming events that campers might want to plan on. Almost every day there will be a pre-arranged event that campers might want to get involved in. 

Then the Open Space begins, and ideas are shared and sorted, to develop more options for the day. If someone wants to get up a ball game, this is the place to let others know and see what happens. If someone wants to plan a trip to the Smithsonian in Washington, DC, this is where the planning begins.

After Morning Meeting, people will break up into groups with common goals. Field trip groups will leave campus for their destinations. The art supplies, musical instruments, internet, and other computers, sports equipment, library and other School resources are available.

Nick G.When do we eat? Anytime. There are no required meal times, unless someone plans a special party or lunch. Bring plenty of food each day. You will need a lot of energy.

At 11:00 AM, DC will convene and hear any cases which are pending. This will last until the cases are done, or 1:00 PM, which ever comes first. (On Tuesdays, DC ends at Noon, so Camp Meeting can start on time.)

Everyone will have to serve on DC. Everyone will be chosen to be a member of DC at least two days during each session of Summer Revels. It is your duty as a member of Camp to help other people resolve their problems and disputes.

On Tuesday, the Camp Meeting will convene at Noon, to decide on any proposals that have been filed before 4:00 PM on the day before. The Camp Meeting will also hear any DC appeals.

What do you do with the rest of your time? Anything you want.

Zach B. at the museum in DC.There will be trips to the shore, museums, boating. There will be hikes and picnics. There will be ball games, and if people are up for it, there will be a play. There will be swimming and riding.
If you are in the mood, you can snooze or read or spend the day chatting with a friend or two. 

Your days will be yours.




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