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The First Day

On the first day of Summer Revels, the doors to the School open at 8:00 AM. The first Morning Meeting will begin at 9:00 AM. This is an introduction. It gives everyone a chance to say hello and to find out how Summer Revels works.

Sarah and a caterpillarThe Staff will present the calendar, including the pre-arranged activities which will be available throughout the Session. They will explain the structure and procedures of Summer Revels. Staff will briefly explain the Morning Meeting, the Camp Meeting, and the Dispute Committee (DC). We will have a "practice" Morning Meeting. Everyone will have a chance to find out what Open Space is like and how to use it to make ideas happen.

There will also be a presentation to explain the Dispute Committee and how to use it to protect your rights. The write-up procedure will be explained and everyone will be shown how to make a complaint and how to get help writing a complaint and presenting a case to DC.

The Art RoomAt Noon, there will be a "practice" Camp Meeting. Staff will make a presentation about how the Camp Meeting works and what the rules are for making a proposal and voting on it. We will have some proposals to practice the rules of debate and voting.

The Staff will explain the Camp Meeting Chair, DC Member, and other officers who will be elected on Tuesday at the first real Camp Meeting. This will give campers a chance to think about whether they want to run for one of these offices and who they would trust to fill them.

These meetings are not mandatory, but it is a good idea to attend. By knowing what is going on and how to use the system, you can get the most out of Summer Revels. If you are an Old Hand at the School, you can help the new campers learn how it works. Old Hands might also be surprised by some of the special laws for Summer Revels. Better to be forewarned than surprised when it counts.

This might sound like a lot of work. Being in charge has is burdens. But, it is the groundwork that has to be done to make the most fun out of the rest of Summer Revels.

It is worth it.




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