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How To Register

To register for Summer Revels, click here for the Registration Form.  Or, call The New School at 302-456-9838 and we will send you a registration form. 

You will need to complete the form and return it to the School with a non-refundable deposit of $250.00.  This will reserve your place.  (This deposit is the first payment toward the session fees -- it is payment toward and not in addition to the session fees.)

Trees can be comfortableWe would appreciate it if you could register by 1 June 2014, so that we have an idea of how many campers there will be and what Staff, supplies, etc. will be needed.

The cost of the program is $250.00 per week or $2000.00 for the entire eight weeks.* The balance of your fees are due on or before your first day of camp. The fees are non-refundable once they are paid.

If you need to have a different payment plan, call the School and talk to us. We cannot always accommodate everyone, but we try to help when we can.

If you are a Member of the School Meeting of The New School, you will receive a discount of the price. Just ask Melanie for the details.

In addition to the initial registration form, you and your parent or guardian will need to execute several releases and permission forms, for field trips and other special activities.

We hope you can join us. 

Please call soon and register early. Space is limited.


*Prices are subject to change.



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