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The forms available here are for use in the daily activities of The New School. 

To use a form, click the button on the left.  The form will appear in the Adobe "portable document format" (.pdf).  To use these documents you will need the Adobe Reader.  This is a free program available at the Adobe website.

The form can be printed from the Adobe Reader.  Once printed, the form should be completed with appropriate signatures, etc.   

NOTE:  To be used, downloaded forms must not be modified.  Any form which is substantively modified will be deemed, at the sole option of The New School, as either (1) void and of no effect, or (2) as though it were not modified and was executed in its original form.

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Visitor Release Form

This form is used when non-members of the School Meeting are visiting the School for more than an incidental visit.  That is for more than fifteen (15) minutes.  It should be used by any prospective students who are visiting the School, by all guests of current members of School Meeting who will be visiting the School, and for anyone else who is visiting the School.

J.C. Complaint Form

This is the form used to file a complaint with the Judicial Committee for any violation of the LawBook.  The form can be used by anyone, member of School Meeting or not, who wishes to have a dispute heard by the Judicial Committee.  Visitors or parents who have disputes with members of the School Meeting may use it to have those matters addressed in the J.C.'s process.  Members of the School Meeting may also use this form to write up complaints when they are away from campus and do not have easy access to the pre-printed forms.

Proposal for School Meeting

This is the form used to submit written proposals to the School Meeting.  At least one current member of School Meeting must sign this form for it to be accepted for consideration.

Reenrollment Request

This form allows current student members of School Meeting to request reenrollment for the coming school year.

Admission Forms

These are the forms by which a family requests admission of a new student to the School Meeting. 

Parent's Declaration

This is the declaration which must be signed each year by the parents or guardians of enrolling students.  (A copy of this form is included in the Admission Forms above.)


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